Frequently Asked Questions About Web Hosting

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FAQ 1: What sort of hosting do I need for my small business?

The most important factors are disk space and the way in which you access your site. If you use Microsoft Frontpage or Expression Web then it is usually best to have your site hosted on a MS Windows server. If you use a more traditional web editor and FTP, or you use a blog or content managements system such as WordPress or Joomla then it is best to have your site hosted on a Linux server.

FAQ 2: What’s the difference between Linux and MS Windows?

Linux is an operating system, so you could think of it as being an equivalent of Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Server (though it is most often used as a server). It is similar to MS Windows servers in the services and functions it provides, but due to it’s development centering on and around the Internet it tends to be better suited to most Internet related applications. It has been the defacto standard used by ISPs and hosting companies for many online applications including web hosting and email services.

FAQ 3: My web designer offers hosting. Is that okay?

Yes, having your website hosted by your designer is okay. Keep in mind though that most web designers don’t usually have their own servers – they resell the services of another web hosting company which you probably won’t have any connection with if anything goes wrong. You may need to rely on your web designer to pursue any hosting issues on your behalf. We usually recommend that you have a hosting account with a dedicated hosting provider who you can contact directly if there are any issues.