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Search Engines Are Important

It’s great that you have a website to promote your products or services, but is it ranking well in Google and other search engines? Think about what you do when you want to find a product or a solution to a problem. You most likely head to Google, Yahoo or Bing and start searching for products or answers.

That’s why search engines are important. If your site isn’t optimised for search engines then you may be missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Stats Are Important

Having your website optimised is a major step in ensuring your website is working, but how can you tell if that optimising you had done is having any affect? Stats will tell you where your visitors came from, what they were searching for, what pages they visited on your site and how long they stayed. That is some seriously important information!

Local Search Is Important

In years gone by, everyone wanted to rank high for their main website keywords. Keywords tell the search engines about your business so a plumber, for example, would want to rank well for the keyword ‘plumber’. Big businesses paid people thousands of dollars every month to ensure they ranked well. Then business owners and search engines got smarter. It made no sense to rank well in Denmark if you had a plumbing business in Ballarat! Local search puts you in the local rankings for much more appropriate keywords such as ‘ballarat plumber’.

The CAS Netlink G-PAK

Our G-PAK product does three important things for your website:

  • We create a Google ‘Places’ account for your local search for your business.
  • We set up Google Webmaster Tools for your business to ensure Google knows how to find all your web pages and knows when your web content changes.
  • We create and set up Google Analytics for your website. Analytics is free and is one of the most comprehensive website statistics packages available.

The cost for the G-PAK is just $149. Call or email us for more information or to get started.

We can also optimise your website for the search engines, but as websites vary greatly in the number of pages and the way the site is programmed we would need to see your site first and then provide you a quote.


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