19 Aug

HotSpots Offer Printing on the Go

If you’re a mobile worker or a network admin, or if you often find yourself a guest in security-conscious offices, you probably know how frustrating it can be to try to print when you’re away from your home or office. When you encounter a new printer, you have to download drivers or install software, and sometimes you have to sweet-talk the network admin into even letting you onto the network so that you can print!

This frustration is over thanks to HotSpot Printing. The latest innovation in mobile printing, HotSpot Printing gives you the freedom and flexibility you’ve been looking for since printers became commonplace office fixtures.

What can you do with HotSpots?

When you use HotSpot Printing, you can print emails, documents, or web content in a flash. As long as you have a laptop, mobile phone, or handheld device that is internet-enabled or access to email, you can print your documents easily.

You don’t need to install additional software; you just need the email or web address of the HotSpot printer. In order to print, you forward email messages and attachments to the printer’s email address or upload them to the secure URL. You will find a secure code in your email so you can release the print job, and bingo – your document is printing.

Who is best suited for HotSpots?

Any office environment can benefit from HotSpot Printing. If you’re a mobile worker and find yourself struggling to get all your documents printed at the hotel or at your office before trips, you don’t need to worry about finding a “home printer” in between trips or, even worse, bringing one with you! Instead, just access your documents in the cloud and print them when you get there.

For IT professionals, HotSpot Printing comes as a huge relief. You won’t be constantly authorizing print jobs or giving guests temporary network passwords. Instead, you can let the printer take care of it all for you; all you have to do is ensure that visitors know the email address or web address assigned to the printer.

Security-conscious companies will benefit from this technology. This system allows access to the documents being printed only to the individual who submitted the print job, so you don’t have to worry about who has clearance to see the printer. Records are automatically deleted once the print job is complete, and the print job transfer uses SSL communication.

HotSpot Printing is an innovative solution to the problems that mobile workers, visitors, and security protocols can create when it comes to printers. The secure code that releases the print job ensures that only the people who need to see a document will, and your contractors or guests won’t have to install printer drivers or wait for IT authorization to print important documents.

To match the fast pace of business today, take advantage of the freedom HotSpot Printing offers you and your business. Your users can spend less time worrying about print jobs and more time worrying about their own jobs, thanks to this simple printing solution.



Author Bio:

Guest post contributed by Mike Holmes on behalf of Printercorp.com.au. Mike is a freelance writer with an extensive background as a printing technician. He now consults business on their printing needs and his articles can appear on various business blogs. Visit their site to find out more about managed print services.