23 Nov

New Firefox Virus Email – Don’t Get Caught

Just a reminder that ANY email can have a virus laden link in it. The Mozilla organisation recently released a new version for its Firefox browser (version 8.0) and I’ve had a bunch of bogus emails with a link to download the latest version of Firefox. Like many fraudulent emails, these ones have been skilfully crafted and do look very legitimate. The only way you would know if it was a fraud would be to check the link that the download button takes you to. As you can see in the image below, rather than taking you to the Firefox website or a well known download site such as C-Net, it links to a very dodgy looking web address. I haven’t clicked the actual link – I never do as sometimes all it takes is one click to get your computer infected with malware or a key logger.

So please do be careful with all emails – hackers are trying their hardest to get access to your stuff!