27 May

Who Loves Ballarat? We Do!

And to prove it we’ve just created a free blog service for people and businesses in the Ballarat district. You can get yourself a free blog at our Ballarat.Net site. Not just any cheap and nasty old blog – we’ve set the site up with WordPress which is unquestionably the best and most popular blogging platform on the planet.

This free offer is available to anyone in the Ballarat district. Businesses, mums, dads, students, sporting clubs… you name it. All we require is that you genuinely are in the Ballarat area and your blog must have a ‘G’ rating.

So why are we doing this? The short answer is that it’s just a warm, fuzzy, community spirit kind of thing to do. CAS Netlink owner Gary Smith arrived in Ballarat at the age of about 18 months. He’s 48 this year and it’s time to give back to the community that raised, educated and employed him for all those years!